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Herbal Bubble Bath Lavender Basil

Herbal Bubble Bath Lavender Basil

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ROCKSIDE HERBAL Bubble bath with Lavender & basil. Soak in the heavenly aroma of lavender and basil with aromatic essential oils. Helps soothe, relax & relieve mental fatigue, makes skin supple. The fresh fragrance of lavender & basil is an indulgent sensory treat. PARABEN FREE



COCOAMIDO PROPYL BETAINE, Sodium Lauryl ether Sulphate, Lavender oil, Basil oil, Carrot seed oil, Ethoxylate Lanolin, and Aqua.


Directions for Use 

Use every day while bathing. Add a few drops into your bathtub or bucket and get a refreshing feeling. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Use every day to experience calmness. ALWAYS DO AN ALLERGY TEST BEFORE APPLYING ON FACE BY APPLYING ON NECK OR HANDS.

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