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Herbal Face Pack Sandalwood

Herbal Face Pack Sandalwood

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ROCKSIDE HERBAL face pack sandalwood helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria and soothes your skin tone. The smell of sandalwood also immediately leads to boost your mood. Its Antiseptic qualities keeps skin healthy, brightens dull skin & provides luster to skin and give a radiant look. PARABEN FREE



Fullers Earth, Zinc, tulsi, kachoor, sandalwood, Bawachi, and Neem


Directions for Use 

Firstly, wash your face with water, and then use ROCKSIDE Herbal face pack mix with water or rose water then apply on your face. Remove the face pack after it dries up. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Use twice a week for better results.  ALWAYS DO AN ALLERGY TEST BEFORE APPLYING ON FACE BY APPLYING ON NECK OR HANDS. 

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